Monday, January 14, 2019

Yarloop workshops fire

Hi all
Its been 3 years since the Yarloop WA fires and 8 months
since I took these pics. I am not sure if anything has happened 
to locos the since these pics were taken. Reason for the out of date post
is I lost the pics somewhere on my external hard drive and only
just found them and plenty more railway shots

The ramains of steam loco 176 built at the Phoenix foundry
Gawler SA and a little Clyde built diesel

Some unknown machinery 

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Milang Station South Australia

DWF 266  a 4 wheeled lovred van

SLC 3K a bogie louvred van

An unknown passenger coach 

AZXP-31P brake van


8209  an employee van

OBF 740 a for wheel open wagon

AFBA 8597A

YY open wagon and 3 ton goods crane


Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

Friday, August 10, 2018

Wombat models 30T update

Hi all
 Just some pictures showing the mods I've done to the Wombat models 30T 
I got my hands on a set of Lloyds slide bar covers which made life easier  with 
only a little filing required to make them fit. I tidied the funnel up with some putty
and made some track guides out of some scrap brass. Weathering was done with 
powders. I just need to add a crew and coal the tender to finish it off

A closer shot off the track guides and funnel 

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Quick look at Wombat models 30T

Hi all
 Just got my hands on one of these new Wombat models 30T classes 

 I have not had time time run it yet but I will soon(ish)
looking at it not too bad but when you remember it was only $350.00 it makes 
it even better. I'm not if I will change the funnel yet or just remove the the seem
but I will make a set of front track guides for it and look into a set of slide bar covers
then load it with coal and weather the living hell out of it
Till next time 
 Mathew Hughes

Monday, May 7, 2018

Outing 7/5/18

Hi All
 Just a quick update of today outing

9315/9311/9313 heading to Kooragang to unload

Triple TTs rumble through Hexham

Aurizons 5034 on point of the push pull coal train

SCT container service and the rear of the Aurizon push pull
in the background

Triple SSRs heading south though Broadmeadow 

Carrot and Spud on the usual morning run

4701 and 4702 with AK cars

9001 still going strong leading an empty coal train

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

Monday, April 23, 2018

Modelling update

Hi All
 Just a little modelling update of what I've been working on recently

Workshop 5 MFH in candy

Hawksmoor VHO I'm going for the well worn look with this one

35 class more on this one soon

And Im converting a SJM 47 class to a HTV2000 this one is
 a slow process 

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes