Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Some recent pictures

EL61/EL56 leave Kooragang Island after unloading

Aurizon 42107 shunting the Carrington yard No2 end leading
still showing its old Interail paint scheme

Lone 82 shunts a single RRLX wagon while SSR classes are about
to unload grai

SSR/El Zorro hybrid paint job good to see the Edward Henty
plates still being used

One that I kept missing but finally got was B61 in the one off
Streamliners scheme with 44206 and RL305 behind

One of my Favourite locos 48123 with the peeling Freight Corp paint you
can still see the tuscan and chrome colours under neath 

And last but not least 621/721 on tour heading south through

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

SSR BGKF 1111L grain hopper

This SSR's latest acquisition ex PacNat bombay door discharging coal hoppers that SSR have
modified with a fibreglass lid. I think this particular one was an NHKF

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

Saturday, February 18, 2017

49 class in focus

4916 in what I think is very underrated candy paint scheme
CFCLA KL81 which was originally 4910

CFCLAs KL80 was originally 4904

Formally 4910 then KL81 and now back to its original number
under SSR ownership

4903 wearing former Patrick livery with the lowered nose profile

4903 still retains its flat top buffer plate

Consolidated Rail Leasing 4911 sitting at Carrington 

Roof detail long end

Roof detail short end

Mark 1 fuel tank

Mark 2 fuel tank

Bogie side frame 49 class

Aurizon 42302 used 49 class bogies to be converted to standard

An old picture of 4915 at Cardiff workshops

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

Monday, January 23, 2017

7MB9 through Broadmeadow

The first SCT train on the east coast came through Broadmeadow on 22/1/17.
Three locos up front SCT004/007/006, one container flat, a whole pile of box vans
and in the middle of the consist was PDAY001V (former SAR Bluebird railcar 253) crew van.

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

Monday, January 9, 2017

NK81 the AK cars 9/1/17

Today while I was at work the Missus went to Kotara Station to photograph the
AK cars with 4702 and 4701 up front

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Minor derailment at Carrington 21/12/16

Today at Carrington, there was a minor derailment of a WGBY 01005K grain hopper

4911 AND 4917 clear the remaining wagons

Just after disconnecting the derailed wagon 

A shot showing the grain spill 

This shot just shows the closest bogie in the dirt

A pic showing the chains just after being attached

The last pic of the crane attempting to lift the hopper but unfortunately it had a bit of trouble and I had to leave after a while...
Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

Monday, December 19, 2016

UGL recent happenings

In recent months some Tangara trains have been receiving some attention 

For a short time these narrow gauge UGL class locos were painted in this
 green and blue UGL scheme 
And then they were repainted in PacNat blue and yellow
Fresh from South Australia, a few GWU came back to the Hunter
to join the XRNs for Glencore on coal trains

Two unnumbered C44aci locos, probably going to become a PacNat
93 class

I think this is a nose cone off an Oscar car 

Last but not least an almost complete 93 class

Till next time
Mathew Hughes