Sunday, March 22, 2015

Train through Penguin

While in Penguin, Tasmania we went to photograph the towns icon (the big penguin statue). As we were taking some shots of it, we could hear a train and realised it was about 100mtrs away.. I was disappointed as I thought it was heading out of town and didn't have my camera set for it- definitely wasn't expecting to see one in motion in Tassie, especially one so close. I thought I had missed the photo opportunity until we noticed the train was heading towards us.. I raced down to the intersection (while playing with the settings) where the almost empty container train, headed by TR04 and TR08 came right past me. It was strange to see such a big train come through the centre of such a small town. Right place, right time!

QM 15E container flat ex AQRY AN wagon
The Chinese made TQAY 062-Q container flat
And thanks to this big guy, I got to see the train!
Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Don River Railway

During our holiday around Tassie, we were lucky enough to fit in a trip to the Don River Railway Museum in Devonport.. There were a number of museums around but Don River interested me as they have the largest collection of both steam and diesel locomotives in Tasmania. They also store the largest collection of rolling stock that was used on Tasmanian railway. I had hoped to see the ALCO 866 while there- unfortunately it was sort of hidden away but still great to get a glimpse of it!

Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns built M2 rebuilt by T.G.R to MA4 stands
at the entrance of the Don River Railway 
LP2 Railmotor and stripped down CCS23 with a little blue 0-6-0
built by John Fowler and co. 
CCS25 partially stripped down in the workshop area
BBL12 passenger coach built in 1940
Two pics of Emu Bay Railways 1002 loco built by Walkers LTD.
It really is a beautiful colour scheme 
 The power cord draped over the rear of the loco is for
charging the batteries. 
Four wheeled louvred van EV8
The T.G.R. H7 a big loco (well for Tasmania anyway)
M3 a static display
4D9 class number 131 originally a Queensland loco
Goodwin ALCO 866 originally built in NSW for the SAR and then 
seen out the rest of its working life in Tasmania
 (Unfortunately hiding down the back) 
Till next time
 Mathew Hughes