Saturday, February 18, 2017

49 class in focus

4916 in what I think is very underrated candy paint scheme
CFCLA KL81 which was originally 4910

CFCLAs KL80 was originally 4904

Formally 4910 then KL81 and now back to its original number
under SSR ownership

4903 wearing former Patrick livery with the lowered nose profile

4903 still retains its flat top buffer plate

Consolidated Rail Leasing 4911 sitting at Carrington 

Roof detail long end

Roof detail short end

Mark 1 fuel tank

Mark 2 fuel tank

Bogie side frame 49 class

Aurizon 42302 used 49 class bogies to be converted to standard

An old picture of 4915 at Cardiff workshops

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes