Saturday, March 26, 2011

Model spoils wagons and container wagon

Hi all
 I have recently been trying to create a Railcorp spoils train.
The NDNF is a modified Silvermaz BD open wagon which has had
the sides lowered and altered.
The NDCF is a modified a GP ope wagon with the sides lowered and new ends made.
The NDCH is scratch built they still need more work but there moving along nicely.
 I am also working on a couple of NDBF spoil wagons to go with these ones.
And last but not least a CQFY container flat this scratch built still needs code boards
and some more brake detail.


  1. Nice modelling, of similar interests to my own. Do you have a pic of the CQFY before applying the containers?

  2. Hi Biqua
    I'm on the road at the moment when i get
    home i'll take some photos and put them up on my blog for you.

  3. Sorry i took so long Biqua.
    I half copied the plan on the CFCLA website
    i didn't really care to much about the decks because they where always going to have containers on them so i could hide some weight as they a really lite hope this helps

  4. Models look great. Thinking of doing a CQFY using one of the Auscision RKLY wagons as a base, add styrene here and there plus a code board.