Thursday, November 17, 2011

An unusually small coal train

                                   Hi all
                                     8215 hauling 3 coal hoppers NHWH
                                       through Hexham on 16/11/11
                                   An interesting view of the draw bar on 91453B
Was this train trialing something?
If someone knows why this train was so short could
you let me know as I'm a little curious


  1. They may have been taken off a train due to a mechanical failure until they could be repaired and now they have been repaired, are now being taken back to Kooragang or Port

  2. It looks like the drawbar on the trailing hopper (91453) failed- you can see it dangling in the photo

  3. This was a movent of 3 wagons of a 4 pack of NHWH set being transferred to Branxton for repairs and interior respray. the 4th wagon of the 4 had to be transferred as a separate movement. The drawbar between the 3rd and 4th hopper had broken.