Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A modelling update for a change

Hi all
I have really busy modelling lately but not finishing much at all.
On the work bench are
1 Rails North BPV
3 IDR RKPF wagons
3 Silvermaz RU wheat hoppers
NCTY Coil wagon with Tubemakers Structural signage 
2 RCJY Coil wagons
1 SJM 47cl
1 pack Auscision models NGGF sugar hoppers (in need of some weathering)
1 pack Auscision models RCSF coil wagons (in need of some heavy weathering)
Here a some pics of my weathering so far
(keep in mind my weathering is not as good as Justin Moy, Dean Bradley and 
James McInerney or the many talented others but i get in and have a go)
Before and after shots of the RCSF

1 comment:

  1. That RCSF looks great! What technique did you use to weather it?