Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hi All
 I hope you all received great gifts and ate like a king this Christmas .
I knew i had a few days off coming up between Christmas and new year
so i thought a nice project was in order so i got a five pack of BGB AKFX.
The plan was to do them up as RKFX and make my steel train five wagons longer.
After waiting an eternity for them to be delivered i got stuck in and started to build
one up............only to be horrified upon opening the packages. I have been building
kits for quiet some time and i have never ever seen so many F@#KING air bubbles
in all my years modelling and the castings are so thick the wagon sides are 87 times
thicker than the prototype.
Plan B
I decided to have a go at scratch building a RCAF
 Was a nice little build using the NODY plan from the AMRM for the basic dimensions 
and underfloor arrangements it has got AR kits 2CM bogies and Auscision cradles needs
 a little more work but almost done and will lead into a couple more and some RKLY wagons.
Another project I've been working on is a AR kits 45cl 
As with most of my models i was inspired by a pic (In Australian Railway History April
2010 page 139) of a 45cl with a backwards L7 and just had to model it
Till next time
Mathew Hughes

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