Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Hi all
  I have been working on this project for a while a scratched
built CQFY container wagon with a mesh deck it still needs
some finishing touches.
The aluminium mesh to make the came from Gr decals and the brake wheels
shunters steps and air hoses came from Modeletch. It would be great if someone
made some modern wagon codeboards but I guess everything is going RTR these
days and not enough of a market anyway I will have to get some made up and
put some container locks on the wagon because I don't think i can bring myself to
cover up the mesh deck with a container or two.
Till next time
Mathew Hughes
Before i go one last pic of a real CQFY


  1. G'day Mat,

    Only 7 CQFY wagons have the mesh deck. They are normally open skeletal design, but 7 went to ARTC for sleeper work, and they meshed the deck so perway staff wouldn't fall through the wagon if they had to access the timbers or strapping. Those 7 also had sleeper cradles fitted, and were welded along the side sill.

    Nice model!



  2. Thank you for the information and kind words
    Mathew Hughes