Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lyndons Basic Australian Trains RKEX kit

Hi all
 After alot of procrastinating i finally got a couple of Lyndons Basic Australian Trains RKEX kits
for my steel train having never got any of his kits i didnt know what to expect.
How they are packaged
The instructions
 Part castings
Detail parts
After a quick glance at the kit  the castings are crisp with only a tiny amount
of air bubbles the decals look good with 5 sets of wagon numbers and i really like the
Pacific National safety reflectors for the wagon sides (i would love alot more of them for
my other wagons) and  i think the brass etch is from Model Etch. I am hoping they build
into some nice little wagons for my ever growing steel train. I cant wait to get started on
the build so it should not be to long before they are built and put on here.
Till next time
Mathew Hughes


  1. Hi Mat

    Hope it goes together well for you, feel free to send me any feedback.



    1. Hi Lyndon
      I have nothing but praise for your kit I hope you do some more modern wagons.I will send you a order very soon for some more
      Mathew Hughes

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