Thursday, July 4, 2013

Some little projects

Hi All
 Not much modelling happening lately with a real lack of enthusiasm and
a little stay in hospital but i managed to almost finish a few little projects
The first is a IDR BPV 20400 a nice easy little kit but with one
problem the code board is way to long for the decal and i didn't notice
until it was to late.
The second is a IDR B open wagon and this was the easiest kit ever
with a ready 2 run austrains four wheel chassis most of the work is
done although i did stuff up the the door stop i should have taken more
care making these just need to weather them up and then there done
Till next time
 Mathew Hughes


  1. Mat, did you put a 'roof' on the BPV of tissue to illustrate the cloth roof or leave it plain. I just bought one last weekend and I'm not sure whether to add it or not?

    1. Hi Geoff
      On mine the roof surface was not smooth so i thought it
      was a good (not great)representation of the real roofs.
      Hope that makes sense
      Mathew Hughes