Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Christmas present

Hi All
 I hope everyone had a great Christmas with family and friends.
 I received a beautiful yet unusual present for Christmas this year
from my girlfriend a NSWTD hand signal lamp? (i think that's what
its called). The nice fellow that sold this to my girlfriend said that he
bought it at an auction and was told it was from early 1900's and used
by the Wellington station master. There are some markings on it
* A brass plate that has the letters WTN
* NSWTD and directly under that a letter T
* A serial number 5062B
After a little research i did find a picture of another one online HERE
If anyone has any info on this lamp especially the WTN plate please let me
The red and bluey green lenses 
WTN was that the abbreviation for Wellington?
NSWTD or New South Wales Transport Department and
what was the second T for? 
A serial number? 5062B
Till next time
Mathew Hughes

1 comment:

  1. The hand lamp is hard to determine re the age, as older ones were large, with later ones a lot smaller. The WTN, could apply to Wellington for the station masters office/signal box use.

    Certainly the numbers would be the serial number of the lamp, but the NSWTD throws up more questions that answers. The T means Transport, in other words NSW Transport Department.

    Railway Handlamps usually had NSWGR stamped on them, although on occasions there would be items sourced from the transport dept, at the end of the 60's when Askin wanted to rid the railways from government running, he introduced the NSWR signs removing the G, or government from the signs & other items.

    Up until then even seats were covered in vinyl covering embossed with NSWGR, but until the PTC was established the NSWGR was removed & had NSWTD embedded into it, as well as many other usual NSWGR items.

    The second T is likely no more than a batch number or distribution code. Maybe even Trams. Which throughs the Wellington theory out, although the brass plate is an add on, whereas the other stamps are original. Which would/could suggest redistribution after some repairs were carried out on it, & it went into a general pool. All supposition though.