Saturday, October 18, 2014

Trip to Newnes part1

Well I've finally accomplished two goals of mine...

Firstly, this is my 200th post! Thank you  to everyone who has shown an interest in my blog!
Secondly, I had the privilege to go to Newnes, which I have always wanted to do.. A few reasons I wanted to go to there was to see the pub with no beer (now a store/museum), see the remains of the Shale Oil Refinery and to search and find the Dreadnought and other rail relics around the old Mount Wolgan Sidings.

Finding the Dreadnought was alot easier than expected. I walked along the dirt road that runs beside the Wolgan River and spotted it through the bush at approximately 2.5kms South of the Newnes. I had to cross the river over a big log and then took a short walk through the scrub to get to it. The Dreadnought is clearly visible unlike the other bits and pieces (scattered along the old railway line) which are a bit harder to spot due to overgrown vegetation..

A view of the Dreadnought from the banks of the Wolgan River 

The other interesting relic at Mount Wolgan is an ex NSWGR E close coupled flat wagon. While there is a little more of this wagon left (as it still has some timber left) the ravages of time have taken their toll on this
wagon as well.

Written on the axle is
LEEDS           DEC     1873

Trip to Newnes part 2 coming soon!

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

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