Sunday, November 16, 2014

Trip to Newnes part 3

Our trip to Newnes ended with the Ruins walk through the former Shale Oil Works. Once we walked through the main gate, we started spotting old bits and pieces laying around on the ground. As we got further along the track we could see the ruins getting larger and larger and more and more interesting. The walk took about two and a half hours (including lunch stop and taking plenty of photos) and was physically easy.. The track was very well marked out with signposts the whole way, which was very helpful! It was amazing to see the deteriorated buildings and what is left of a once vast industry.

Map of the area including the walking track.

Two shots of what remains of the Coke Ovens.

Two shots of what remains of  the Paraffin Sheds

The Big Wall
A Lace Monitor in the rear of the Naptha Plant
A Brushtail Possum watching us as we walk by. 
Oil Washers

Stock Tanks

The Naptha Plant
Shale Retorts

This my favourite picture of the walk. The stairs which look to be in the
 middle of nowhere just look really interesting

The final shot was our last look back at the at the Wolgan Valley
Going to the Wolgan Valley was definitely a highlight. It was a strange but excellent adventure to go searching through the bush to find railway relics... Seeing the history of the area was a great experience and to actually find the Dreadnought was an extra bonus! Newnes itself is now a quiet little town with a very small population these days, although there is a popular camp ground which apparently gets quite busy at times. There are different species of wildlife roaming around and the clear, flowing river is a great little touch to the town. For anyone who is keen to visit to the area, I would highly recommend it.. From the drive along side the huge cliff faces, down into valley, to the secluded quiet little town- It is truly worth the trip!!

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

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