Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The changing face of Hexham

Hi all,
 I recently went to Hexham, after not being there for a while to take some shots of the new Aurizon Maintenance Centre. I thought I'd put my pics together of the different stages of development that I have taken over the years, to make an interesting blog.

I have tried to take pics of the different sections on the same angles, showing the vast changes.

 16/5/11- Before the redevelopment started.. The area was nothing more than a paddock.
 20/7/14- the paddock was cleared and work commenced.
 28/9/15- The Aurizon Maintenance Centre today.

                The next 3 shots show the major changes to the right of screen...
 16/5/11- how it was
 20/7/14- during development
 28/9/15- how it looks now

And another angle showing the before and after of the other end of the Maintenance Centre
 16/11//11- clearly all bushland beforehand
 28/9/15- no bushland and extra lines put in place
The control cabin (on the left) and the bath house (on the right)
are all that remained at this date, from the J A Brown days. I am not sure if they are still there today?
I think this picture sums up the change on the railways nicely
Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

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