Sunday, January 31, 2016

While I am stuck at work my missus is fooling around!

While I am stuck at work, my Missus is fooling around (with my camera) and 
chasing trains. I can't say I'm mad, just jealous and not just because she is 
track side but her photos are really good. So I decided to dedicate this post 
to her and her pictures. I have a sneaking hunch her photos will pop up on 
here from time to time. 
Thanks for your pix and your help with the blog Rach XOXOX

8025 shunting steel wagons in the Carrington yard
Two Aurizon LDPs power through the Broadmeadow yard
MZ1437 and MZ1435 bring out a container train
BRM002 and BRM001 hauling a grain train through Port Waratah
Three Glencore XRNs awaiting their next duty
8107 or 3107 sits idle at Carrington
SSR102 ,SSR101 and G511 bringing through grain at the Carrington yard
MZ1433 and 1105 reverse a container train in the Patrick yard 

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes and the Missus


  1. Hi Mathew, I'm heading down to Newcastle for a weeks' holidays in May, where do I go to take some shots like Rach has? They're really good angles. Do you have a couple of street names I can find on a map?

  2. Hi Phil
    Thanks for the kind words
    Photos 1,3,4,5,6 were taken at the harbour end of Elizabeth st Carrington. A good place when full or a bit of shunting is going on... Lots of angles for photography and great back drop of Newcastle.
    Photo 2 was taken at Dora rd Broadmeadow. A nice view of the Broadmeadow yard..
    Photo 4 was taken from the footbridge of Port Waratah on Industrial dve Mayfield.
    Hope this is some help
    Regards Mat and Rach