Friday, April 8, 2016

The Steamfest transfers 8/4/2016

Hi All
 The 30th annual Steamfest is here and you know what that means a day off work to 
go train hunting. It was a good haul for the day both freight and heritage trains with
plenty of old and new running.

This is the first chance I've had to see the new Crawfords locos 
PHC002 and PHC001 completed and working

After seeing this rake of grain hoppers in the Carrington yard for what seemed
like forever it is good to see them being used on a Aurizon grainy
with 3215/32093221 up front

An ALCO doing what ALCOs do best
Maybe if they are short of a steam loco for Steamfest they
could use 48127

48127 hauling 9301/9302 to Port Waratah

8044 heading over to Kooragang Island with a short train

4894 taking 8 NHYH coal hoppers somewhere.
Good to  the 48s still in use (for now)

3016 leading the ARHS Canberra train

And what I really came to see the "GARRETT"

Oh and dont forget the little ALCO 4807 bringing up the rear

Triple heading ALCOs 4001/4803/4520 leading the Trainworks train

Good old faithful 3642 

With 4490 on the other end
What a great way to spend the day off work with plenty trains for the few hours 
I went train hunting.

Till next time

 Mathew Hughes

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