Sunday, September 17, 2017

Catherine Hill Bay

Although not to much remains at Catherine Hill Bay from a railway point of view but
what is left is interesting. (well I think) Once a busy unique little seaside town with 
coal mines and a standard gauge railway that carried coal to a large ocean jetty for
 loading of coal ships.  Now the mines and the railway have gone Catherine Hill Bay
 has become a sleepy little town.

A close up of whats left of the trestle bridge that once crossed
 the creek near the beach

showing how close it is to the beach

The jetty in which the coal ships where once loaded

Where these gates are located is the start of the jetty that once
 had coal trains on it for unloading directly onto waiting ships

Located south of the cemetery is the remnants of this water
tank once used to fill steam locomotives of water 

The brick foundations where surprisingly in good condition

The water tank itself has definitely seen better days

Till next time 
 Mathew Hughes

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