Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hunter Valley Railway Trust pt2

Here are a few more pics from The Hunter Valley Railway Trust in Rothbury...

1048 30T Cowans Sheldon breakdown crane
The end of the line for this carriage 
7350 is a diesel-hydraulic locomotive built by Walkers
Limited  Maryborough QLD
This is an interesting 12 wheeler maybe a former way and works van
This is another interesting piece of rollingstock. Was this one of the
wagons on the museum train?
X215 a little diesel shunter for the NSWGR
A former NSWGR PHV power van currently used on the Blue Zephyr

4703 in a rather unique paint scheme
The tank off a bogie water jin
4903 with a modified nose from use with Patrick Corporation 
container services

Till next time
Mathew Hughes

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