Friday, November 25, 2016

Islington Railway Workshops (The Missus is interstate)

Recently my missus went to Adelaide for an engagement party and while she was there she managed to squeeze in a couple of sneaky train hunts, while North of the City.. These pics were taken at the former Islington Workshops where there are still a few things sitting around the yard, including 6 Heritage Listed Buildings. Such a shame to see what was once a thriving place in the past, now basically abandoned. 

Former NSWGR 45 class 4537 rebuilt with a rebuilt cab,
numbered 103 and owned by Patrick Ports (good to see some
interstate ALCO's)
Broad gauge 704 stored in the Islington Yard for Tranvolution

Baggage/Break van OWR-392 still in a faded Jubilee trade train colour
 wit the former Foundry behind it
Islington Railway Workshops Chief Mechanical Engineer's Office
With the heritage listed Fabrication Shops in the back ground
704 rests stored in the sun

All photos taken by the Missus 
 Stay tuned as there is another one of her Adelaide train hunts,
 which will be posted soon

Till next time 
 Mathew Hughes and the Missus

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