Saturday, December 3, 2016

Motive Power Centre Dry Creek S.A. (The Missus is interstate still)

Well the Missus made the most out of her Adelaide journey with a
quick trip to Dry Creek 

An over view of some of the Motive Power Centre at Dry Creek
ALF20 stabled in the rain
Once AL23 and then renumbered ALF22 when it was modified with a
new engine and blocking off the number two end 
ALF22 showing the closed in number two end
Two former NSWGR 422 class locos 2210/2207 now owned by
Genesee and Wyoming Australia

I am not sure what the codes are of these wagons but the load is interesting and
830 bogie with 2207 in the background
GM42/GM??/GM40 waiting for their next job 

GM47 in orange and black and GM46 showing its age with
Commonwealth Railways colours peaking through
FQ03 named Wagiman, one of four units built by EDI Port Augusta 

GWA009 built by EDI Cardiff 
Former S.A.R. Bluebird Rail car converted to a crew car

I could not finish this blog with out some ALCOs 843 and an
unknown 700 class loco
Till next time
 Mathew Hughes and the Missus

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