Sunday, March 24, 2013

NSWGR 7101

Hi All
 This has been a long project coming ever since i seen it i just had to
have one. What started out as a Northern Models Victorian W class
modified to look like the NSWGR 7101.I added some
buffers,lifting brackets,marker lights, four single horns and a Hornby terrier
mechanism. Still some work to do (Couplers tidy up cracked decals and adjust
some handrails)but its taking shape very quickly.
Story of the prototype can be found here
Till next time
Mathew Hughes

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Plaque in Hunter St Newcastle

Hi All
 I came across an interesting plaque in Hunter st Newcastle NSW (across the road
from Frontline hobbies and towards Newcastle station a little bit) a nice little reminder
of our railway history.
Mathew Hughes

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

TE tank transporter with Centurion

Hi All
 Here is the latest project to get off the workbench a TE tank transporter with Centurion
tank.The TE is unknown make (I had it for so long and its been to many drinks between
now and when I got it) and the Centurion is by Roco. The Centurion was built
straight out of the box with the exception of making a replacement barrel out of
some brass tubing. All and all a very fun project with good results and I am looking
forward to putting more loads on previously "finished wagons"
Till next time
Mathew Hughes
 Sorry about the bad photos I broke my tripod and that's two in a couple of months