Saturday, October 1, 2016

Road Ragers 1/87

Hi All
  Got my my hands on the lastest Road Ragers 1/87 cars and 
here is a quick look

The packaging is still the same as the earlier releases
First up the Holden LJ  GTR XU1 Torana in salamanca red 
The tail lights on the LJ are not that good a little bit of colour
would have been a lot better

Holden HG GTS Monaro painted in silver mist
The front end on the HG is exceptional 
Now off to the two fords first is the XY GTHO PHASE III
painted in  yellow ochre
I was surprised that they chose to do the XY in yellow
I would have liked it in true blue or vermilion red

Last but not least the Ford XC cobra. The detail in the Cobra
decal in great when you remember they are in 1/87

Overall a great choice of cars and well done to Cooee and I am looking forward
to some more cars from the 70s(LH SLR5000,LX A9X, XA Superbird,XB GT 4 door,
HQ Panel vans,utes and wagons come to mind hahaha hell even a P76 would be good)
Till next time
 Mathew Hughes