Saturday, November 22, 2014

Rotting Row (behind Trainworks Thirlmere)

  Recently we went for a trip to Trainworks Thirlmere and outside their compound, down the track a little, lays what I like to call Rotting Row.The railway vehicles look like they are literally rusted to the rails (I have always wanted to use that line in a blog entry). It is a real shame to see some rare stuff like the Baldwin tender and J.A.Brown's No5  in that condition but I do understand that the rail museums cant afford to save and preserve everything.

Two BBW wagons loaded with ballast. 

RVX-2 track recording car.

         Special service van no2 L1064 (formally SHO 636) has definitely seen better days.

A CV and a HG brake van with a modified roof for the electrification project. 
                           J.A.Brown's No5 (The Major) built in 1885 in England by Beyer
                             Peacock and withdrawn from service in 1942.

A Baldwin tender last used on  loco 1957. The letters OTHR
I think stands for Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway.

Two S-trucks with LCL containers

A bit further down towards Couridjah there is a tender from loco 1709. 
 We managed to snap these shots while riding past on the 2705. Unless you're actually looking for it from the road, it is pretty hard to spot, as it is sitting alone beside the track.

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes


  1. The outside framed van is not a CV but an 1880s accident van.

    1. L177, also originally a 6-wheel car, shouldn't be out in the weather.

  2. gees what tha 1709 tender it on display

    1. THE tender 1709 has present with her is an early c32 6 wheeled tender. Stupid how she has that tender instead of her original tender with her

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. and also not the original tender and since been scrapped