Monday, September 12, 2016

Adamstown Station 12/9/2016

Hi all
 Just some shots from Adamstown this morning

NR45/NR19/NR59 Heading south through Adamstown
with an empty container train
SSR's newly acquired C classes C506/C510/C507/C505
with an empty coal train 

Light engine Freightliner GL112
Quad 82s 8248/8228/8233/8245 on an empty coal 
More quad 82s this time 8206/8238/8223/8201 on a loaded
coal train heading to port
Quin NRs NR96/NR61/NR119/NR43/NR64 on an empty
steel service with the exception of a few tarped open
wagons,some containers and 3x RKWYs loaded with logs

CEY003/CEY007/CEY001 lead an empty coal train south
Triple 90s 9007/9002/9017 heading to port to unload 

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes