Friday, January 26, 2018

Long time no post

Hi All
 Well the last few months have been horrible hectic and that's an understatement.
But there is a silver lining. I have had to move out,but now I have all my stuff at my
finger tips. So to cheer myself up I brought a new soldering iron and dusted off
some unfinished projects and got stuck in

I finally put a motor and gearbox in my Bergs F351 which was finished as 1042
the Cardiff shunter
Ezi kits 26 class nearly finished just need final fit out,some numbers and weathering

I decided to start my DJH AD60 but this is going to be a long term project

There is still plenty more projects on the way that I want to finish
HTV 2000
Andian water jin
Peter Boormans BBP
DJH 20 class

Till next time
 Mathew Hughes

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