Friday, April 6, 2012

Rail modeller RQTY container wagon

                                   Hi all
                                    While digging around on the Internet recently i found
                                    this website.
                                   I decided to purchase 4 ready 2 run  RQTY container
                                   wagons for closer  look
                                  Fitted with brass steps on the ends (no steps on the
                                  side corners or near the spider brake wheel unfortunately)
                                  AR kits XCL bogies and Kadees and i got 4
                                 different numbers which is a bonus
                               When compared to a ready 2 run wagon  from one of
                               the big manufactures it is a little bland. But on the other
                               hand for someone who is not scared to do a bit of
                               modelling it will be a good start.
                               Some weathering,air hoses and some brake detail
                               will go along way to helping this model..
                             It is not a bad model............but not a great one
                             either..............but then again who am i to judge

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